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Großdeutschland was an elite combat unit in the German Army (Heer) during World War II that fought primarily on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union. Großdeutschland was one of the most highly trained, battle hardened, and well equipped units of the German Army.

The unit was originally formed as a ceremonial guard unit during the 1920s and by the late 1930s would grow into an Infantry Regiment of the German Heer (Army). "Infantry-Regiment Großdeutschland" first saw action in France in 1940 and Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Russia) in 1941. After Barbarossa in 1942, it was expanded and renamed “Infantry Division Großdeutschland”. However, due to the nature of the conflict on the Eastern Front, it was significantly reorganized into “Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland” in May of 1943. Shortly after, the Division served in the battle of Kursk, fighting hard against the Soviet forces before withdrawing with only 80 of its 300 tanks remaining. For the remainder of 1943, Großdeutschland retreated across the Ukraine.

In 1944 they took part in the First Battle of Târgu Frumos in Romania until August 1944, when the Division was transferred to East Prussia. In Prussia GD took part in several major counterattacks in the Baltic states. In need of reorganization, in November 1944 some of its subordinate units were expanded to divisional status, with the division reorganized as “Panzerkorps Großdeutschland”.

By March 1945, after months of heavy fighting and their defeat at the Battle of Memel, Großdeutschland had been reduced to about 4,000 men. Less than a month later, on 25 April 1945, the remnants of the division was destroyed in the battles around Pillau.

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