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Below is a list of uniforms and equipment for members putting together their impressions. It is recommended to first purchase equipment that was most common throughout the war for maximum flexibility. For example, a M40 Tunic and M42 trousers rather than items that were common only towards the beginning or end of the war. It is also recommended that new members first focus on their uniform, basic kit, and rifle before buying anything else.


Feldbluse: Wool tunic models with common years of use below

  • M36 (1936-42)

  • M40 (1940-45)

  • M42 (1942-45)

  • M43 (1943-45)

  • M44 (Nov 1944-45)

Langhosen: Wool trouser models with common years of use below

  • M37 (1936-40)

  • M40 (1940-45)

  • M42 (1942-45)

  • M43 (1943-45)

  • M44 (Nov 1944-45)

Mantel: Also known as a "Great Coat", only the following patterns authorized.

  • M40 (1940-45)​

  • M42 (1942-45)

Arbeitshemd: Grey knit/cotton service shirt with or without pockets​

Hosenträger: Repro trouser suspenders

Feldmutze: M34/M38/M43 Cap

Helm: Painted feldgrau with NO decals

  • M35 (1939-45) 

  • M40 (1940-45) 

  • M42 (1943-45) 

Socken: Gray wool Socks 
Stiefel: Boots dyed black and polished

  • Jackboots (1936-45) 

  • Low boots w/ Gaiters (1942-45) 


Litzen: Also referred to as "collar tabs". See the list below for authorized litzen types on each tunic model.

  • M36: Infantry white or early war green "generic litzen

  • M40: Generic (Green) 

  • M42: Generic (Green or Gray)

  • M43&M44: Generic (Gray) 

Breast Eagle:  Breast eagle model should coincide with the the tunic you choose

Shoulder boards: authorized shoulder board type by each model tunic.

  • M36: White piped bottle green shoulder boards with embroidered GD.

  • M40-M44: White piped "Feldgrau" embroidered GD shoulder boards

Cuff Title: Do not purchase this item, it is awarded to you after paying your initial GD dues and attendance of your third event.


Basic Kit: Purchase these items first

  • Heer belt buckle and belt

  • Kar98k ammunition pouches

  • Kar98k bayonet

  • M31 canteen with wool cover

  • M31 mess tin

  • Folding eating utensil

  • M31 breadbag

  • Y-straps

  • Kar98k rifle (German manufacture only)

  • M38 gas mask can

  • E-tool w/ carrier

  • Splinter A zeltbahn 

Additional Kit: Purchase these items after Basic Kit

  • Esbit stove 

  • Original or postwar flashlight

  • Original Gas Mask

  • A-Frame

  • Heer soldbuch (Issued to you after paying your initial dues.)


German Soldiers carried a variety of personal items with them in their pockets, bread bags, and A Frames. A list of most, but not all items is below. A great resource for these items is "Kreigsende", found in the authorized vendor page.

Clothing Accessories

  • Sweaters, scarves, and wool gloves

  • Spare wool socks

  • Wallet/billfold with Soldbuch and currency

  • Letters and pencils/pens


  • Footpowder

  • Shaving kit (Safety razor, brush, and soap)

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Comb (Wood/horn)

  • Soap

  • Wash cloth

Other items​​​

  • Lighter & cigarette/tobacco tins ( Members 18+ only)

  • Comb

  • Period rations

  • Pocket knives

  • Skat playing cards

  • Various tins of mints, salves, and other "luxury" items

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