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Reliable sources of quality and authentic Uniforms and Equipment.
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Uniforms & Equipment

At the Front is a company located in central Kentucky, specializing in recreating clothing and equipment worn by soldiers in the Second World War. For over 25 years they have supplied reenactors, films, costume houses, veterans, military and government historical projects.


Uniforms & Equipment

Hessen Antique was established in 2002. It is a small family owned business located in metro Atlanta offering a variety of militaria to include quality reproduction German Uniforms and Equipment. Their Reproduction boots are no longer authorized for use in GD.


Personal & Unique Items

War's End Shop (also known as Kriegsende Militaria) provides high quality, unique, World War II reproduction and original items that you are not likely find anywhere else.  Most of their reproduction items are made in the USA and are some of the best, most affordable and most innovative in the hobby


Uniforms & Equipment

Kelley's has been a family owned military distributor for over 40 years. They offer original and reproduction militaria for collectors, reenactors or anyone with an interest in military history, with a strong emphasis on WWII German items. Quality reproductions for a fair price.


Affordable & Custom Uniforms

Gavin has specialized in producing WWII military uniforms, field gear and boots for over 10 years. Their prices are pretty low as they delivery the items to you from their own factory directly. A great resource for custom uniforms as well as hard to find sizes. Ensure you pay with PayPal and expect a 8-12 week delivery time.


Unique & Original Items

A business local to the Pacific Northwest with stores in Portland and Seattle. A great source of unique, mostly original items for your impression.


Excellent Boots

Nestof is based in Poland is well known for their quality boots. Their boots feature wood pegs, quality leather, and hobnails. Ensure you pay via PayPal and expect possible long lead times for delivery of 3-8 weeks.

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